About Us

  • Kayaç  was founded in 1997 under the principal of Dr Cemal Kaya

  • KayaC provides exploration, feasibility and consultancy services on geological, geophysical and geotechnical activities based on mining, energy, industrial raw materials, environment, micro zonation studies with its key personnel staff having more than 30 years of experience. KayaC uses up-to-date geophysical instruments and software. It provides its service for the survey design, execution projects, QC, processing and interpretation of various geophysical data. KayaC is managed by geoscientists who have combined public, university and private entrepreneurship experiments that have been conducting geological and geophysical research for 35 years. Founder of the Kayac are the pioneer of employing CSAMT, MT and TEM methods in Turkey as well as running large scale geophysical and geological projects.